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Inspiration table

001.Wind. 002.Yellow. 003.Strangers. 004.Winter. 005.Fixed.
006.Forever. 007.Smile. 008.Birth. 009.Victory. 010.Flexible.
011.Quirks. 012.Unknown. 013.Waltz. 014.Jewel. 015.Body.
016.Temptation. 017.Grave. 018.Lust. 019.Spoiled. 020.Weather.
021.Resolution. 022.People. 023.Envy. 024.Absurd. 025.Thin.
026.Sing. 027.Pain. 028.Asleep. 029.Disease. 030.Try.
031.Hollow. 032.Dream. 033.Midnight. 034.Peace. 035.Mask.
036.Sojourn. 037.Whisper. 038.Hurricane. 039.Comfort. 040.Rain.
041.Heart. 042.Life. 043.Footsteps. 044.Silhouette. 045.Name.
046.Dinner. 047.Teammate. 048.Days. 049.Earth. 050.Plain.

Okay, here's the plan. Every time I write I'm picking a different prompt and running from there. Most of them will be one offs, but part of a bigger story. I'll post all the links here so I have a database to come back to. They'll probably center around HP stuff.

Starting Over- Chapter 1 and 2

Starting Over is a Post-Hogwarts Harry Potter fic that centers around Lex Malfoy and her adult life. It's angsty and got to the point where it started stressing me out. I'll probably try and finish it up since it's almost done anyway, but for now, this is it.

Chapter One- PapersCollapse )
Chapter Two- Terrible NewsCollapse )

The Last Chance

This was written for a contest on HOL when I was younger (probably 16 or so). We were asked to write a story about our character and given guidelines and such.

My character, Alexia Malfoy, had her father thrown in Azkaban during her first year at Hogwarts and was framed for something (can't really remember to be honest). It was a one off, so it's a bit dodgy, but it worked for me.

Ron's Sorrow

This was written during a camping trip when inspiration struck and it was all down hill from there. It was about 5 years ago, so some stuff will be out of line with the actual books, but just go with the flow. I think that the 5th book may have been out, but I know the 4th was at least.

This was the first story I ever finished...comments are appreciated!

Anna's Song

Harry is now in his thirties, works for the ministry of magic taking care of foreign affairs. It’s his job to make sure that relationships between English wizards and the other wizards of the world remain on good terms. He is divorced, from whom he shall not say…but they had one child, Anna. Anna is now six, carefree and fun loving. Yet she barely knows her Father’s voice; only his face. Harry regrets how little time he’s spent with her and wishes he could tell her how much she means to him.

This was written a long time ago while I was still in high school. I got into song fics, this is based off Everclear's Anna's Song.

An Introduction

Hello everyone, welcome to my journal devoted to my fiction. Here you'll be table to find various stories I've written or am currently writing. I'm trying to find a way to organize everything, but given that some of my writing is done at extremely different times, it could get interesting. I'll be using tags and such, so that should help (I hope!)

About me, you can call me Estelleu ((Es-stell-eh-oo) that's my pen name anyway). It's something in elfish, not really sure what but I've used it for a while and I figured I'd stick with it. I'm 21 and have been writing since I was about 14 (everything some Sailor Moon, to Hanson to Harry Potter to X-Men). I am about to enter my 5th year at Central Michigan University.

What I write about:
Harry Potter fics, both cannon and stories of my own characters
X-Men (I have a story that is approximately 80 pages....yeah)
Random musing (you'll find those a lot)
Elf things (not sure why)
and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Most of my stuff is relatively tame, worst you'll have to worry about it language and violence (I'm no good writing smut, though reading Twilight has helped significantly in describing things). I am a big fan of angst and love to write it too, so that is what a lot of stuff centers around.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think! Feedback is amazing!!!!!