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Putting the Pen on the Page

And seeing what happens

Estelleu Denal
21 May 1986
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Hello everyone, welcome to my journal devoted to my fiction. Here you'll be table to find various stories I've written or am currently writing. I'm trying to find a way to organize everything, but given that some of my writing is done at extremely different times, it could get interesting. I'll be using tags and such, so that should help (I hope!)

About me, you can call me Estelleu ((Es-stell-eh-oo) that's my pen name anyway). It's something in elfish, not really sure what but I've used it for a while and I figured I'd stick with it. I'm 21 and have been writing since I was about 14 (everything some Sailor Moon, to Hanson to Harry Potter to X-Men). I am about to enter my 5th year at Central Michigan University.

What I write about:
Harry Potter (both cannon and stories of my own characters. I do mostly Marauders, Remus/Tonks and some Lily/Remus)
X-Men (I have a story that is approximately 80 pages....yeah)
Random musing (you'll find those a lot)
Elf things (not sure why)
and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Most of my stuff is relatively tame, worst you'll have to worry about it language and violence (I'm no good writing smut, though reading Twilight has helped significantly in describing things). I am a big fan of angst and love to write it too, so that is what a lot of stuff centers around.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think! Feedback is amazing!!!!!